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FFXIV Speculations for Future Updates! Post #1

New mounts
Gladiator & Marauder are getting class specific mounts based on the number of HM Dungeons run in game once the update hits. A War Bear & War Lion. After embracing 200 HM dungeons with successful complete these mounts will become available for play.

New Frontline PVP
Frontline PVP will be introduced into the game at some point. It will be 24 players, 3 team PVP according to Yoshi.

Black Mage Balances
New balances will be added to Black Mage to reduce the clunkiness of the class and performance in Binding Coil.

New Class
Yes, a new class will be appearing. There is no confirmation as to which class will be appearing in game, but it is speculated that it will be either a gun wielding class/theif class. Maybe both. We have very little information. Yoshi will release more details @ E3 in June.

Golden Saucer
Yoshi has talked about a Golden Sacuer from FF7 appearing in game.

New Dungeons
A new dungeons is supposed to be coming soon. All we know about this new dungeon is that it will take place outdoors in an island setting, but will draw you inside for the final battle. For those that love scenery this should be a treat for you.

Appeance Changing
Fantasia will be coming to a market. For those players that want to change permanent appearance/race. Congratulations! It appears that your complaints were heard.

Chocobo Companion
There have been subtle hints that there will be a change in the way chocobo’s are used and can be customized in game. There are no details if a stat reset potion is in the works, but I’m sure some of us are crossing our fingers.

I will be further updating as I hear more details about future updates and speculations. Please put in your two cents if you know something that I don’t. Thanks for reading.

All details are based on information from: FFXIV Lodestone, Reddit, and other gaming sites. All information is subject to change at any time.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

For a couple months I have been following the progress of “Dragon Age: Inquisition and I have to say.  I’m impressed if Inquisition is anything that it promises to be it should be real treat upon it’s release in Oct of 2014.

The original trailer that released a few months ago made Dragon Age Inquisition appear to be breathtaking. This trailer does nothing short than tickle my interest. When it is released on PC I will be sure to drop by and pick up this title. Hold stead for my review in October when the title is released.

Diablo 3 Review, + Reaper of Souls

The gates of death are most tantalizing in wake of the newest DLC Reaper of Souls. The intro to ACT V for popular title Diablo 3 starts us off were the original left off. Tyrael attempts to hide the soul stone. Efforts to hide the stone failed, Malthael AKA “The Reaper of Souls” barges in like a complete badass and takes it away from Tyrael, challenging the Nephalam to try and stop him.

What we have heard so far?

This is what we hear about Reaper of souls. The game is intended to be what Diablo 3 should have been from the start. The Reaper of Souls DLC adds in additional content to the game, including but not limited to. A new class, the “Crusader” class which is intended to be a balanced Crowd Control, Low – mid range class with a wide variety of skills and ability’s. Adventure mode has been added to the content. Once you have beaten the game you will be able to go through all of the dungeons and levels with free reign. This is hailed as one of the most promising updates. The paragon system no longer has a cap so you are able to perk yourself up infinitely. New difficulty level has been added to the game. Plus, a multitude of additional features have been made available.

What I think about Diablo 3 before the update?

Diablo 3 certainly has it’s flaws as a core game. It is very basic, offers little more than the face value that you get at the beginning. There aren’t other modes, and this is a bit of a turn off for some players. For all it’s intents and purposes, Diablo 3 is nothing more than a casual hack n smash dungeon crawler. Don’t get me wrong. I love Diablo 3, and it is exactly because of these mechanics that I find it appealing. It is simple, it is the click that monster game (Unless you play via Console).

Throughout the game you will come across a cut scene at the beggining of each new act. These cutscenes are very well detailed and incredibly enjoyable to watch. Of course, each act will be throwing you into a new dungeon new level, new creatures, etc. Level and Character design is well done. You will see similar creatures throughout the game, but rarely will you see anything completely new.

Throughout each level there are numerous side quests, and doors you can travel through to explore parts of the city.  This is full filling and changes the run of the mil content in Diablo 3.

Reaper of Souls

Yes, you do come across the same type of content but it is far more abundant in Reaper of Souls.  The pop culture tied into some of the doors, rooms, and dungeons is humorous and will bring back old memories you thought you forgot.

The boss content is amazing.  I shuddered at the sight of one of the newer bosses and found myself for one of the first times, having to dodge and weave out of attacks.  This greatly changed my strategy towards opponents, and drew me deeper into the game creating a much stronger form of game play.  Which brings me to the next part.  The games begins to bring to a close the chapters from Act IV.  This creates closure and a sense of ending.

Reaper of Souls is a must have, and I agree that the content is well worth the wait.  Do I think it fits the price tag Blizzard has put on the content.  Probably not.  But if you have the cash, and the time.  Reaper of Souls brings the extra content to the game and shows the player that there is more to it than just hack n slash.

Last Note

Reaper of Souls is a fantastic expansion and combined with adventure mode will keep you coming back for more.  I do find Diablo 3 very repetitive, but I highlight the Adventure Mode.  This certainly increased the replayability for the game and I wanted to note that this is the most important part of the puzzle for me.


Diablo 3       7/10

Reaper of Souls     8/10

* Adventure Mode
*Patched Features

*Price is High
*Offers Little New Content

Healthy Clean Habits For the Family Gamer

So your sitting at your computer or couch with chips on your chest.  You smell like BO, and you finally decide it’s time to clean up.  In fact, maybe you haven’t cleaned the house in weeks.  Some of this is cliche.  Not all gamers have issues with taking care of themselves or keeping their habitat clean.  However, here are a couple of ideas to help with that.

1.  Set a Date and Time to do your cleaning

So lets say you get home from work every day and you don’t feel like doing dishes, or cleaning your bedroom, or etc.  Take a sticky note, piece of paper and put it up against your monitor or tv screen.  Make a note that you are going to take care of your own housekeeping at a certain time.  Stick too it.  Make sure you clean at least 2 times a week.  This should help with that clutter immensely.

2.  Rinse off your dishes

Remember those days when your mother, or significant other would come up to you and say.  “Please don’t forget to rinse out your dishes”  This is something that I have heard for years.  But the truth is that if you regularly rinse off your dishes you will avoid that funky residue smell and you are going to have an easier time cleaning when it comes time.

2.  Clean Regularly

So while your waiting to enter a dungeon or waiting for your friends to come on.  Why not take the time and clean up?  It only makes sense that you do it while your waiting.  So take the time, clean that room, take a quick shower (Especially if there is a long way to go).


The point of this is not to say that all gamers are slobs.  The truth is that there are certainly clean people, lazy people and people who just don’t care.  But if you need to clean, and it is good to clean.  Than clean and take care of business while you still have the chance to do it, and while it’s not out of control.  It’s just a good idea.


Shadow of Mordor Release Date Confirmed!

If you have been waiting patiently for the release date for “Shadow of Mordor” your long wait is over. A release date has finally been set. If you haven’t been following this far then you will want to catch up on some of the media revolving around the game and the content.

In Shadow of Mordor you play as Talion.  A half man, half wraith hybrid.  He has been tasked with guarding the black gates of mordor.  But what makes this title significant from the run of the mil LOTR games are your enemies.  Enemies now have the ability to think and judge whether they should enter combat or retreat.  They can determine if they are winning or losing, and you have the choice to wound, capture or kill.  These choices will play a heavy roll in how your gaming experience ends.  Enemies that were wounded by your blade may come back to kill you later on.  They may even come back with twice the number of minions.  But this is what I believe will make Shadow of Mordor an eye opener in the LOTR series of games.  For a small preview I cannot wait to see what’s in store.

Below you can see some of the gameplay provided by Machinima:

The Shadow of Mordor is set to release on Oct 7th. On Oct. 7th we will final get the opportunity to hack our way through the goblin hordes and exact our revenge.

Box art for the new Shadow of Mordor

You can find more information by following the link below:

Shadow of Mordor