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Final Fantasy XIV: The Issues

Final Fantasy is most likely my favorite MMO out there on the market at this time.  When I first started playing I couldn’t get enough of the content.  The classes, the environment and the beautiful dungeons and storyline.  All of this initially drew me in.  But now what?  I’m at endgame, and I’m finding a couple of issues.

I want to itterate that I am in no way, shape or form degrading opinions on the game itself.  Far from it.  I would love to see things improve.

Point 1:  Player Base
When I first started players were very supportive, enjoyable to be around and not demanding.  Now, things have greatly changed.  I go on party finder and see EXCLUSIVE speed runs.  Players who are quick to troll, and degrade players that fail.  There is no lenience.  I have run dungeons and had people yell and scream because one person made a mistake.  Instead of educating players, and players being open to new ideas we find a shallow group and players start dropping.  I attempt to regulate the conversation and help.  Getting attacked my self.  The point is.  When did all the players turn into dicks?  Players are not supportive or cooperative.  This has degraded to the point that I no longer want to play with people.  I hit a dungeon and a lot of time will ignore my chat for the duration.  I have run them all, so…Why not?  I find myself having more enjoyable conversations with the new players.

Point 2:  Outside of Dungeons
The world is beautiful, and yet…Nobody is out there.  I would love if there were more things to do outside of the dungeons and if the rewards made being outside of dungeons from time to time more beneficial.  Instead we see fate spammers in Coerthas, who join together to rack up experience.  Other than that (and ATMA Farming), there is not much to be done outside.  I would love to see more things happen outside of the dungeons that are rewarding players with loot or lots of experience.

Point 3:  Economy
There is not much incentive to purchase armors in the game.  Most of the armor drops that you get from dungeons aren’t purchasable anyway, and even so…It’s probably easier to simply do it yourself anyway.  I wish there was a more open economy.  I wish more items were available to be sold and I wish that those items made a larger impact on the game.  I don’t think I have ever made a huge profit off of selling.  This is something that I may work with in the future, but right now it seems like the bots control the economic infrustructure of the game, and that’s not helping.

Point 4:  Changing Character Details
Square…Dear Square please.  I wish they would make Fantasia craftable or purchaseable.  This would be a blessing.  If I want to change my appearance every day, why not.  Shouldn’t that be my choice.  Shouldn’t those options belong to the player.

Point 5:  PVP
Yes, we have all heard this before.  What are our PVP options?  Square has promised a number of updates focused on our PVP options but there isn’t much going for PVP right now.  I want to see a massive battle with multiple players.  I want Chaos.  I want some form of free battle PVP.  Like you see in Deathmatches.  All vs. All.  Let party’s form their own groups.  Let it be open and free.

I want to see Final Fantasy XIV become a better game.  The basic game itself is amazing and offers quite a bit already.  But now the game is entering it’s first year, and the players who have been playing since the beginning need a little bit more to look forward to.  Something feasable.  Sellable ATMA would be a good start in my opinion.  But all the same a type of free market, or mini game to add to what we have would be a perfect addition.  Final Fantasy XIV needs more than it has currently, and based on posts from Reddit and other social media sites…Players are  getting bored.




FFXIV Speculations for Future Updates! Post #1

New mounts
Gladiator & Marauder are getting class specific mounts based on the number of HM Dungeons run in game once the update hits. A War Bear & War Lion. After embracing 200 HM dungeons with successful complete these mounts will become available for play.

New Frontline PVP
Frontline PVP will be introduced into the game at some point. It will be 24 players, 3 team PVP according to Yoshi.

Black Mage Balances
New balances will be added to Black Mage to reduce the clunkiness of the class and performance in Binding Coil.

New Class
Yes, a new class will be appearing. There is no confirmation as to which class will be appearing in game, but it is speculated that it will be either a gun wielding class/theif class. Maybe both. We have very little information. Yoshi will release more details @ E3 in June.

Golden Saucer
Yoshi has talked about a Golden Sacuer from FF7 appearing in game.

New Dungeons
A new dungeons is supposed to be coming soon. All we know about this new dungeon is that it will take place outdoors in an island setting, but will draw you inside for the final battle. For those that love scenery this should be a treat for you.

Appeance Changing
Fantasia will be coming to a market. For those players that want to change permanent appearance/race. Congratulations! It appears that your complaints were heard.

Chocobo Companion
There have been subtle hints that there will be a change in the way chocobo’s are used and can be customized in game. There are no details if a stat reset potion is in the works, but I’m sure some of us are crossing our fingers.

I will be further updating as I hear more details about future updates and speculations. Please put in your two cents if you know something that I don’t. Thanks for reading.

All details are based on information from: FFXIV Lodestone, Reddit, and other gaming sites. All information is subject to change at any time.

Do you hate cash shops?

I have noticed an almost political design in the MMO world when it comes to cash shops.  Opinions appear to varie from, “I hate cash shops” to “I love cash shops”.  So my question is, Why do you love/hate cash shops?  Truth be told, I am certainly one of those cash shop haters.  In my opinion I feel that they not only ruin the economy of the ingame but also take away the rewards of earning things through play.  I love the concept of.  I pay a monthly fee for services in game that keep the game safe, secure, and free of bugs.  That provides me with a safe environment that will update content from time to time and I know after paying this fee that the game will continue to be great and stable.  But there are many opinions.

I searched through the Reddit & Lodestone Forums regarding the topic of Fantasia.  Fantasia is an item in game that allows the players to change all appearance including race and gender.  When you play Final Fantasy XIV, and you make it through a month of membership.  They give you one, and only one Fantasia.  But what happens if you change your character and you don’t like the appearance.  Too bad.  You don’t get another.  A lot of players feel that you should suck it up and deal with it.  Accept your mistake and move on if you don’t like the way you look.  Other players felt that you should be able to go ahead and Purchase the option to get a personal Fantasia (Unsellable) so that you can change your appearance further.  A few players that I read over felt that this was bad for the content and would lead to cash shops.  If you haven’t realized yet, Final Fantasy XIV players dislike the idea of Cash Shops in majority.  But I have noticed that Cash Shops either turn players away or pull them in.  Some players enjoy having to earn all of the special cosmetics, and dislike having to pay for those items.  On the flip side, players to games like Mabinogi, TERA, and Guild Wars 2 don’t seem to mind paying for those items.

This is one of the reasons that I personally cannot get into Mabinogi.  My family plays this game, and I’m the “Black Sheep” so to speak.  I can’t stand the game, and get cold chills every time I think about it.  But there is a small something that draws me to play, but then I think again about those cash shops and all the items and I feel like it would be the biggest fattest mistake ever.  I don’t care that other people enjoy them.  In fact, if you enjoy F2P and other cash oriented games then more power to ya.  But Cash Shops aren’t my thing.

Post a comment below and let me know what you think of cash shops, and how it all effects gameplay.

If you would like more information on some of the forums I was following, please follow the link below.

FFXIV Lodestone


Hatching Tide Event

The April Hatching Tide Event is almost upon us.   The back story behind the event describes a girl who spent time commemorating an event by painting everything to appear as eggs after seeing the Twelve riding object that appeared as such.  Eggs.  Yes, It’s all about painting eggs.  I myself am not quite sure what this event is going to be about, but it will be here on the 9th of April.  Happy hunting!

Rant of the Day: Episode 1: Final Fantasy XIV Developers Blog; Favour System is not endearing!


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it’s comparable to creating a flaming dragon with infinite power and dragging him to the ground with chain and ball. Destroying the wings, and inhibiting his ability to be amazing. According to the developers blog via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone they will be adding a favour system. As it appears, the favour system will add the ability to have relationships with NPC. It appears that these relationships can range from friendly to romantic. On the cusp of the ear this sounds perfectly fine in theory. However, in my opinion this could be a problem. In Nexon’s title “Mabinogi” they had a similar system and still have a system similar to ‘favour’. It is similar in the way that you have to be friend NPC’s. In the game this has a couple of payoffs.

1. You can recieve special spells and items that normally are unavailable through these NPC’s or their shops.

2. If you enjoy the mushiness of entertaining an NPC, I guess this works for you.

Now this doesn’t sound all bad. Really doesn’t except that you have to sit there for hours entertaining and spending money on an NPC to make them happy to satisfy something that does not exist. When you entertain your own character or other players they are actual people. You make an impact on those people.

Part 2: Another aspect of this system via “Mabinogi” was that you had to match outfits, gender, and physical appearance. What’s bad about it? At the time it was created you had to do this to progress the story. In fact, you had no choice. Players would play through and change appearances through “Cash Shop” Items to progress this. If you didn’t, it would take months. Sounds like pay to play right? Everything that I heard made this sound like a gamebreaker. If a title had done this to me I don’t know if I would be able to stick it out, honestly I’m not that loyal to a game that abuses it’s players and restricts their gameplay.

An image of the favour system over view.


I have trusted Square Enix, and I love everything that they produce in majority. I haven’t had issues and I have stuck it out. Patch 2.2 was perfection, and I am enjoying every minute of my time online with Final Fantasy XIV. I’m not stating that Square will do the same course of action, but with the large number of fantasia that you would need to make NPC’s happy I feel that this could be an opening to such a thing. A favour system, in my opinion will drive players away. I could be wrong about all of this and it could be amazing. If it works well, and it doesn’t take players months to work through those relationships and reap the benefits then I do beleive it could be worth it. But I myself firmly believe in solid in depth content. One positive end result of the content is that it will add some depth in the game and further opportunity’s to progress in different ways.

I’m certainly going to keep track of this content as it develops to see where it’s going. In the future I plan to do a review of the content to see how it has changed from day to day.

For more details follow the link: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/pr/blog/000692.html

But please let me know what you think about this idea, and how it will effect the game.