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Bioshock Infinite, Caught me off Guard

In a twisted universe sometime in a different 1920’s we find Booker Dewitt. Sent on a mission to save a girl from a tower prison guarded by a mechanical steampunk bird. Once he recues the girl thing quickly escalate and things get…Weird. First and foremost this is the aspect of the game that I enjoyed the most. I could not predict the outcome of Bioshock Infinite and it did a fantastic job of throwing me off. By the time I finished I was met by a twisted story line. Up until this point I couldn’t have been more absorbed in the story of Booker Dewitt. Throughout the story you will find yourself absorbed in his emotions, his feelings, and his life story. The more you play the more you learn about his past and the inevitable conclusion it comes to at the end.


Elizabeth’s character is not only beautiful but intelligent as well. Throughout the story from the time you take her from the tower till the very end she continues to be a strong character and can support you easily through the steps of the game. Elizabeth can actually throw you health, ammo, or salts while you are in need. She is actually helpful during the entirety of the game, and her AI is stunning. I wanted to thank someone for making a support character that actually has the ability to support. Needless to say, throughout the story you will feel Elizabeth’s emotions, her pains and her struggles. It was hard not to be empathetic throughout the story. The characters have personality’s and while playing it feels like your reading a good book or watching a movie.


While character developement is amazing, the gameplay is down right perfect. Aiming is fluid, and the controls move smoothly. Aiming down the sights feels natural. The game gives you plenty of cover during high combat stages in the game, and the Computer AI is intelligent. The enemies will seek you out to find you if your hiding away. I had a few moments were I found myself cornered and unable to move around. Other times they went to flank me. Either way, the AI will be a challenge, even on normal mode I found myself struggling from time to time. Of course, just when you think things couldn’t get better the developers threw in special abilities, a hook melee weapon on your left hand that will help you mow down your oponnents. Once you find Elizabeth you can use her ability’s to open up tears in the world that will allow you to bring things into the world that may not have normally existed. Trust me when I say, this never gets boring.


The world is amazing on it’s own. You start out in a dark dismal lighthouse. After heading to the top you are launched through the air on a rocket up to Columbia. The beautiful city will mezmerize with it’s light and splendor. Looking at it for a few moments will rob you, and run off with the cash. The art is amazing, and the style is done with consistency and grace. You step out into this world and quickly realize how dense the world truly is. You feel and experience their world, there is a full level of immersion.


If I had something negative to say about Bioshock Infinite I would. But there is very little criticism for me to give. I couldn’t find a single improvement that could be made to the game. Not only is it well polished but the gameplay is more than solid. It strives in itself to achieve more than could be expected. The music is beautiful as you walk into rooms and can hear the sound of music from the 1920 era. The developement team did a fantastic job on this title and I could only ask for more. In fact, that is the only criticism that I have. I wish it could have been longer. But the story finished climactically and couldn’t have been any better.



Pig Face, Chicken man, Hitman Gorefest

Hotline Miami has driven me the point of insanity. Neone lights, flashing burst of light as I smack that guy in the head with a bat.  I pick up a shotgun, kick down the door and shoot a thug in the face.  I clear out the building, cops are heading my way.  I knock a few of them out, head downstairs, out the front door and into my car.  I’m safe to play another day.



This detail a common level in “Hotline Miami” This is the kind of stuff you will experience while you are clearing things out.  Doing your job as a hitman.  The games story is almost non existent.  However, I quickly realized that you really don’t need the story to play this title.  You could have done well enough without it.  It is however a nice touch for players who enjoy knowing exactly what the hell is going on.  That is…If you can understand the story to begin with.  The story starts as you are trained in the way of killing.  Door slams, hand to hand, and the ever popular shoot Em’ in the face method.  Shortly afterward you are met by three individuals who are wearing masks.  They basically task you to do some work for them.  You of course, are all too happy to accept the tasks.  From there you are set out on missions to hunt down and kill individuals occupying building.


The gameplay is difficult and I don’t mean regularly difficult.  You have to not only move fast but make those moves count.  You will find yourself hugging walls, Pushing down doors, coordinating your next move.  There are no cheats in this game, no leveling up.  If you fail, you fail.  Start over from the beginning of that level.  Sound fun?  It is!  But the gore fest is amazing and you will enjoy every minute of it once you get used to controling your character.  You even get to choose your own mask, and each mask can grant a different ability.  This to me is a nice added feature to the content.


However, the game does have a couple of lacking points.  I would have liked to see an multiplayer option.  Particularly a co op mode with integrated voice chat options.  I believe that it would have been nice to work together as a team to kill a whole room.  That just seems natural too me.  Who wants to stand alone.  Why not fail as a team.  If one of you dies your both on your own and the dead player can come back as a ghost to tag along with the other one.  I can see something like this implemented in the future.  A level creation mode would have also been a nice feature especially if said level could be used in those same co op matches.

The responsiveness from time to time is a little bit slow, and this does kill my play time from time to time.  It can be slightly frustrating but is minimally impacting.

All in all.  I highly recommend this game to anyone who would enjoy a bit of a gore fest.