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Rant of The Day: Episode 4: Microsoft Did it again!

Yesterday Microsoft released details concerning the next new installment to the Halo Series. Halo 5: Guardians. I read through the article and looked deep down. My hopes yet again crushed as another Halo title is released and it’s not on PC. My problem? I will not purchase an Xbox One just so I can play Halo. I’m a PC gamer and I have a massive collection of games via Steam, and Origin(Mostly Steam). But the point is, I’m not about to spend all of my hard earned cash so I can play Halo. Fans of the Halo series started out on PC, that’s were the original was made home. Microsoft abandoned those fans who played on PC. Now, it is an Xbox Exclusive and those PC gamers who hope for the title to be released on PC. Our hopes and dreams have been crushed. This is a terrible terrible event.

Maybe one day I will be able to play Halo once again on PC. But until then, I’m not willing to sell out for a single game that a conservative company is not willing to migrate. Sorry Microsoft.


Rant of the Day: Episode 3: Trolls!

We have had this happen before in the past, all of us have. We get online, run a dungeon and run into the biggest suckiest person around. But truth be told there is nothing you can do or say to make them stop. In fact I had an issue with a troll a few days ago and the conversation greatly discouraged me. He spent a dungeon badmouthing my healing capability’s. I almost quite playing for a while because of this action. So I went online and did some more research on the topic. Yes, I fueled the fire. But I learned from it as well. With some help from other positive players I was able to come back from it, and was much more improved at not only healing but handling those kinds of situations.

So remember next time your trolled try just ignoring them. Let it go. Try to ascertain if they are making a legitimate claim or if they are just just being jerks. Some people come off the worst way when they try to give advice. Try to see if there is something you can do to improve your gameplay if that is what it is regarding. But the most important thing IMO. NEVER let this kind of action/talk bother you. Don’t let them make your ragequit. Who cares about what a troll has to say?

For more information on preventative & proactive actions follow the link below
MMO Play: How to handle trolls?

Rant of the Day: Episode 2: Games We Hate

Some games mean the world to us while we relish the thought of even picking up some of the other titles . Why is this? Maybe your a graphic whore and you like to most updated graphics, and only such. Maybe you like Indie titles, or simulators. It may even be possible that you are a die hard sonic fan and can’t get enough. The truth of it all comes down to opinion. Obviously we all have different tastes and preferences. But I want to hear yours, what is your reasoning for disliking a certain game? Which game do you dislike so? Please feel free to share yours.

My hate game is Mabinogi. Yes, I dislike Mabinogi very much. If you’re not sure what Mabinogi is, it’s a F2P MMORPG. The game is set in a fantasy world which is cumulative of a numerous number of skills. You can lead any life you choose in the game. You can plant gardens, cultivate crops, run through dungeons, make friends, join guilds and have pets by your side. It is certainly not all that bad by what it sounds.

First off the game has been bogged down with severe server lag since the release of the title. Over the course of the past couple years this server lag has been slowly reduced. However, what troubles me is the amount issues players have had since it’s release. Bugs, lag, and dungeons that are near impossible with these issues. Compensation to players is lacking over the course of these issues. Nexon is like a dead horse, maggots chewing on the innards. The cash shop leeches money off of it’s players and offers them very little solid content. It offers you the opportunity to spend money for items that you have a chance of receiving. Instead of giving players exactly what they want it is simply held out in front of them like a carrot on a stick. Some players are happy because they were lucky enough to get what they wanted. Other players fork out 100’s of dollars to recieve their choice items. This is greed, not player opportunity. In my opinion this is simlar to taking candy from a baby. Mix the Mabinogi cash shop with the redicolous amount of lag and you will find that the game is distastful.

Second, if you were looking for a seriously driven title this is not the game for you. You will find that players are not as helpful as they seem and do not take you through the motions correctly to teach you the game. End game content is lacking. You will begin to feel like you are simply going through the same motions by yourself. Plus, the game puts certain limitations on you unless you purchase those cash shop items. This is a must have for avid and core players. They will do anything to be great, and to fully utilize the content. Nexon makes a fortune off of this.

Here is my big aggravation. If you make so much money through cash shop items, why are you always having lag and server issues? That is a big issues, I see it as a big greedy parasite that eats away at it’s players. Mabinogi in my opinion follows suite with many other F2P MMO RPG’s, and doesn’t provide any lasting content. It will always appeal to it’s demongraphic, but if you enjoy playing games like, WoW, TERA, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, etc. Please avoid at all costs, this is not your game. With a weak community and seemingly selfish company I could never recommend this game.

My analysis may seem a bit crueld towards a game I only spent 200 hours playing, but it ruined me, did some damage and I found that I could never come back to playing it. If you have a hate story or game that you can’t even fathom thinking about please feel free to express yourself.

Rant of the Day: Episode 1: Final Fantasy XIV Developers Blog; Favour System is not endearing!


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it’s comparable to creating a flaming dragon with infinite power and dragging him to the ground with chain and ball. Destroying the wings, and inhibiting his ability to be amazing. According to the developers blog via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone they will be adding a favour system. As it appears, the favour system will add the ability to have relationships with NPC. It appears that these relationships can range from friendly to romantic. On the cusp of the ear this sounds perfectly fine in theory. However, in my opinion this could be a problem. In Nexon’s title “Mabinogi” they had a similar system and still have a system similar to ‘favour’. It is similar in the way that you have to be friend NPC’s. In the game this has a couple of payoffs.

1. You can recieve special spells and items that normally are unavailable through these NPC’s or their shops.

2. If you enjoy the mushiness of entertaining an NPC, I guess this works for you.

Now this doesn’t sound all bad. Really doesn’t except that you have to sit there for hours entertaining and spending money on an NPC to make them happy to satisfy something that does not exist. When you entertain your own character or other players they are actual people. You make an impact on those people.

Part 2: Another aspect of this system via “Mabinogi” was that you had to match outfits, gender, and physical appearance. What’s bad about it? At the time it was created you had to do this to progress the story. In fact, you had no choice. Players would play through and change appearances through “Cash Shop” Items to progress this. If you didn’t, it would take months. Sounds like pay to play right? Everything that I heard made this sound like a gamebreaker. If a title had done this to me I don’t know if I would be able to stick it out, honestly I’m not that loyal to a game that abuses it’s players and restricts their gameplay.

An image of the favour system over view.


I have trusted Square Enix, and I love everything that they produce in majority. I haven’t had issues and I have stuck it out. Patch 2.2 was perfection, and I am enjoying every minute of my time online with Final Fantasy XIV. I’m not stating that Square will do the same course of action, but with the large number of fantasia that you would need to make NPC’s happy I feel that this could be an opening to such a thing. A favour system, in my opinion will drive players away. I could be wrong about all of this and it could be amazing. If it works well, and it doesn’t take players months to work through those relationships and reap the benefits then I do beleive it could be worth it. But I myself firmly believe in solid in depth content. One positive end result of the content is that it will add some depth in the game and further opportunity’s to progress in different ways.

I’m certainly going to keep track of this content as it develops to see where it’s going. In the future I plan to do a review of the content to see how it has changed from day to day.

For more details follow the link:

But please let me know what you think about this idea, and how it will effect the game.