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Beginners Guide to Running Dungeons In FFXIV Part 1: Roles

The amount of irritation I have suffered in dungeon runs is innumerable.  This is due to inefficient play style in my opinion.  So I’m going to go over the basics of running dungeons and how your particular job fits into all of this.  I’m not going to get into class specifics, however I will get into as many details as I can without making things too too complicated.


As a tank your main job is to protect the group.  When entering a mob of creatures you need to make sure to hold “Hate” and build up that aggro.  You are inviting them to hit you as hard as possible.  Why do this?  Your healer can only heal so much, but in most cases your healer will be able to heal more on a single character rather than multiples.  But this does not mean you should let your enemies AOE (Area of Effect) attacks come into contact.  If you can dodge these, please do.

If you notice that your healer is getting aggro then you need to try to regain that monster.  Healers have very little life, and will die easily.  If you are not guarding them well enough and a healer continues to do they are very likely to leave the dungeons and leave the group hanging.  Don’t let this happen.  Don’t let your healer down and fail to protect them.  They can’t heal if they are getting hit in most cases.


Many people believe that DPS (Damage per Second) players are only good for extra damage.  However, I don’t believe that it’s all they are good for.  In fact, a good DPS has many jobs.  They are able to do multiple tasks during the fights.  Primarily DPS will help protect the healer, and back up the tank.  DPS with CC (Crowd Control) ability’s will also help the tank avoid death by reducing the number of creatures attacking at once.  Extra damage was obvious, but the DPS players in a dungeon need to make sure they are helping the tank protect the healers.  Without the healer or tank the dungeon will not go on.


Make sure you are keeping track of all of the players in a dungeon.  If someone dies you need to raise them asap.  Especially if they are the tank.  But avoiding this from happening is most recommended.  If everyone is doing their job nobody should be dying regularly in a dungeon.  Make sure you are debuffing negative effects on players, and healing them in battle.  If the battle is going in your favor, step it up by joining in on the attack.  Dodge attacks, as a healer you are squishy.  This means, do not get hit.  Avoid at all possible.

Work together as a team and you will make it through.  This is a basic guide and hopefully it explains a little better some of the roles for new players.