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Rant of The Day: Episode 4: Microsoft Did it again!

Yesterday Microsoft released details concerning the next new installment to the Halo Series. Halo 5: Guardians. I read through the article and looked deep down. My hopes yet again crushed as another Halo title is released and it’s not on PC. My problem? I will not purchase an Xbox One just so I can play Halo. I’m a PC gamer and I have a massive collection of games via Steam, and Origin(Mostly Steam). But the point is, I’m not about to spend all of my hard earned cash so I can play Halo. Fans of the Halo series started out on PC, that’s were the original was made home. Microsoft abandoned those fans who played on PC. Now, it is an Xbox Exclusive and those PC gamers who hope for the title to be released on PC. Our hopes and dreams have been crushed. This is a terrible terrible event.

Maybe one day I will be able to play Halo once again on PC. But until then, I’m not willing to sell out for a single game that a conservative company is not willing to migrate. Sorry Microsoft.


Dancing Mog Minions

We dance, they dance. We all dance! After patch 2.0 we recieved a number of new dances available. If you pay attention long enough you can see players dancing out in the streets. But I bet you didn’t know this. The mog minion recieved about a week ago along with the fat chocobo can dance too. In fact, if it comes near another mog from another player they will all dance together. So maybe now is the time to be merry and dance together before the release of patch 2.25 on Wednesday.

On another note. There is some excitement and wonderment as to what will be included in patch 2.25. I can’t wait to see what Square is offering this time and what’s in store.

Side note: Did anyone notice that in Sunken Temple of Quarn how the pillar that was doom proof is now gone? Yes, one of my favorite bugs is gone. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

If you have any cool tips or tricks that you would like to share. Please comment in the box below.

Hardcore Mode: poetry in death

Couldn’t resist reblogging this Poetic Story. Thank you for sharing so I could share it back.

The Chindividual


Yesterday, Mentum died. Who’s Mentum? Well, Mentum is…uhm, was, my hardcore Crusader in Diablo 3. He was strong, willful, proud. Most of all, however, he was stubborn. Raised to fight evil in every corner of Sanctuary, Mentum would not retreat from the hordes of demons standing between him and the Prime Evil that must be put to rest. No matter how large the pack, Mentum would leap right into the fray, smack his shield into an ugly visage and strike with his blade, calling upon a wrath fueled by divine purpose. No one could stop him from smiting evil. No one…but death.

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Shadow of Mordor Release Date Confirmed!

If you have been waiting patiently for the release date for “Shadow of Mordor” your long wait is over. A release date has finally been set. If you haven’t been following this far then you will want to catch up on some of the media revolving around the game and the content.

In Shadow of Mordor you play as Talion.  A half man, half wraith hybrid.  He has been tasked with guarding the black gates of mordor.  But what makes this title significant from the run of the mil LOTR games are your enemies.  Enemies now have the ability to think and judge whether they should enter combat or retreat.  They can determine if they are winning or losing, and you have the choice to wound, capture or kill.  These choices will play a heavy roll in how your gaming experience ends.  Enemies that were wounded by your blade may come back to kill you later on.  They may even come back with twice the number of minions.  But this is what I believe will make Shadow of Mordor an eye opener in the LOTR series of games.  For a small preview I cannot wait to see what’s in store.

Below you can see some of the gameplay provided by Machinima:

The Shadow of Mordor is set to release on Oct 7th. On Oct. 7th we will final get the opportunity to hack our way through the goblin hordes and exact our revenge.

Box art for the new Shadow of Mordor

You can find more information by following the link below:

Shadow of Mordor