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Dragon Age: Inquisition

For a couple months I have been following the progress of “Dragon Age: Inquisition and I have to say.  I’m impressed if Inquisition is anything that it promises to be it should be real treat upon it’s release in Oct of 2014.

The original trailer that released a few months ago made Dragon Age Inquisition appear to be breathtaking. This trailer does nothing short than tickle my interest. When it is released on PC I will be sure to drop by and pick up this title. Hold stead for my review in October when the title is released.


Dark Knight: Arkham Origins, First Impressions: The First 3 hours

PC Version of Arkham Origins

Arkham Origins starts out early in Batmans career. But in comparison to Arkham City, and Arkham Asylum this makes Batman no less brutal. In fact, while playing Batman Arkham Origins I couldn’t help but notice the level of brutality of Batman. I hadn’t noticed this same level of brutality in the previous batman games. While your playing as Batman you almost feel bad for the criminals. Batman is cruel! That was my first impression of the first couple of hours of the content. I could hear the sounds of skulls crunching, and spines snapping as batman heartlessly beat the metaphoric crap out of the bad guys. There is also a true sense of fear towards “The Bat” in this games that brings me back to the original batman movie. No, not the goofy one from the 70’s and 80’s. But the first dark batman movie. Yes, this game lives up to it’s expectations up to the first three hours. Facing Slade for the first time and getting my ass handed to me felt good. The enemy was challenging, and more than a match for batman. So far I feel that the moves could have been drawn up a little better in these fights. I find myself repeating the same moves over and over again. Plus, I couldn’t help but notice a couple of simple glitches. For example, getting stuck on a chimney while trying to grapple to another building. It was humorous, but things like this make the game more difficult in life threatening situations. Like maybe while I’m hauling ass because someone is shooting it. Moments like this are far more difficult because of these types of glitches.

These are my first impressions of Arkham Origins. I will be detailing the title further more at a later time.

Rant of the Day: Episode 2: Games We Hate

Some games mean the world to us while we relish the thought of even picking up some of the other titles . Why is this? Maybe your a graphic whore and you like to most updated graphics, and only such. Maybe you like Indie titles, or simulators. It may even be possible that you are a die hard sonic fan and can’t get enough. The truth of it all comes down to opinion. Obviously we all have different tastes and preferences. But I want to hear yours, what is your reasoning for disliking a certain game? Which game do you dislike so? Please feel free to share yours.

My hate game is Mabinogi. Yes, I dislike Mabinogi very much. If you’re not sure what Mabinogi is, it’s a F2P MMORPG. The game is set in a fantasy world which is cumulative of a numerous number of skills. You can lead any life you choose in the game. You can plant gardens, cultivate crops, run through dungeons, make friends, join guilds and have pets by your side. It is certainly not all that bad by what it sounds.

First off the game has been bogged down with severe server lag since the release of the title. Over the course of the past couple years this server lag has been slowly reduced. However, what troubles me is the amount issues players have had since it’s release. Bugs, lag, and dungeons that are near impossible with these issues. Compensation to players is lacking over the course of these issues. Nexon is like a dead horse, maggots chewing on the innards. The cash shop leeches money off of it’s players and offers them very little solid content. It offers you the opportunity to spend money for items that you have a chance of receiving. Instead of giving players exactly what they want it is simply held out in front of them like a carrot on a stick. Some players are happy because they were lucky enough to get what they wanted. Other players fork out 100’s of dollars to recieve their choice items. This is greed, not player opportunity. In my opinion this is simlar to taking candy from a baby. Mix the Mabinogi cash shop with the redicolous amount of lag and you will find that the game is distastful.

Second, if you were looking for a seriously driven title this is not the game for you. You will find that players are not as helpful as they seem and do not take you through the motions correctly to teach you the game. End game content is lacking. You will begin to feel like you are simply going through the same motions by yourself. Plus, the game puts certain limitations on you unless you purchase those cash shop items. This is a must have for avid and core players. They will do anything to be great, and to fully utilize the content. Nexon makes a fortune off of this.

Here is my big aggravation. If you make so much money through cash shop items, why are you always having lag and server issues? That is a big issues, I see it as a big greedy parasite that eats away at it’s players. Mabinogi in my opinion follows suite with many other F2P MMO RPG’s, and doesn’t provide any lasting content. It will always appeal to it’s demongraphic, but if you enjoy playing games like, WoW, TERA, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, etc. Please avoid at all costs, this is not your game. With a weak community and seemingly selfish company I could never recommend this game.

My analysis may seem a bit crueld towards a game I only spent 200 hours playing, but it ruined me, did some damage and I found that I could never come back to playing it. If you have a hate story or game that you can’t even fathom thinking about please feel free to express yourself.

Changing Things Up! Bioshock Infinite VS. Hotline Miami

I’m taking a break from the Raids and Dungeons of FFXIV: ARR.  I feel that the time is right to refresh things.  The big question is, “Bioshock VS. Hotline Miami”  I will be spending a majority of this week playing both of these games and writing a synopses of each.

Hotline Miami

Well known for quick gore, and high level of difficulty.  Punishes the player for making mistakes and is severe trial and error.  Trust me, everyone has a blast with this as you pummel through the levels step by step knocking down every gun toting swing jockey that stands in your way.  Feel free to bash this guys face in, or push his eyes out.  O’ was that baseball bat to slow for you try a samurai sword.  The game is deeply creative, and what it lacks in deep graphics gains by quick pick ups and addictive gameplay.  I honestly can’t get enough of this title.  See what I think by the end of the week.

Bioshock Infinite

Let it be known I have not played previous Bioshock titles.  So I had little to no expectations of the game other than word of mouth and numurous perfect 10 reviews online.  What does this game have to offer?  Cold blooded killing with a riveting storyine!  When you think things can’t get any cooler you find yourself pulling weapons, turrets and sentry’s out of thin air.  Need reloading your weapon?  No problem, just shock, rodeo or fireball that sucker in your way.  No regrets, no mercy.  Perfect entertainment.  But I haven’t finished it yet.  See what I think at the end of this week.

Trailer provided via Machinima (I take no credit for the content displayed).

Both of these games blow me away and serve as perfect entertainment when the crafting of FFXIV: ARR becomes far to boring for my own eyes.  By the way, just so everyone else knows.  I hate crafting.  I really hate crafting.  However, I completely understand the use it serves in most MMO RPG’s.  So it is still something I suffer through.  But someone once told me “Are you really having fun if your working on a game?”  My opinion:  Depends on the work.  I hate crafting but it doesn’t bother me.  This post is subjected to the topic of “Crafting”  Please respond by letting me know what you think about “Crafting”.  I would also love to hear how you feel about Bioshock Infinite & Hotline Miami.  Please respond below.

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Thanks for playing!