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Daily Deals: Episode 1

While browsing I came to an amazing discovery. There are quite a few deals on their games. Believe it or not but physical copies for PC games are dieing out, and it’s in this imminint death that we should turn to take advantage of it. The prices for physical disks are now lower than the downloaded copies. If you are a frugal gamer like myself you would find this to your advantage.

Darkness II

Rockstar Games Sale, 85% Off

These are a couple of examples of some of the sales. But if that doesn’t suit you, you can always be a friend and donate through,

Humble Bundle

Lets not forget Steam sales! Steam has some of the best sales available. Every Monday Steam has a sale game. But if your really looking for Steam sales it’s always recommended to add some of the games you want to your wishlist. When those games go on sale Steam will send you an email letting you know about the sale.

Steam Store

If there are any sales that I may have missed please send me a message or comment below. I will try my best to keep those sites in mind for the next posting of Daily Deals.