Final Fantasy XIV: The Issues

Final Fantasy is most likely my favorite MMO out there on the market at this time.  When I first started playing I couldn’t get enough of the content.  The classes, the environment and the beautiful dungeons and storyline.  All of this initially drew me in.  But now what?  I’m at endgame, and I’m finding a couple of issues.

I want to itterate that I am in no way, shape or form degrading opinions on the game itself.  Far from it.  I would love to see things improve.

Point 1:  Player Base
When I first started players were very supportive, enjoyable to be around and not demanding.  Now, things have greatly changed.  I go on party finder and see EXCLUSIVE speed runs.  Players who are quick to troll, and degrade players that fail.  There is no lenience.  I have run dungeons and had people yell and scream because one person made a mistake.  Instead of educating players, and players being open to new ideas we find a shallow group and players start dropping.  I attempt to regulate the conversation and help.  Getting attacked my self.  The point is.  When did all the players turn into dicks?  Players are not supportive or cooperative.  This has degraded to the point that I no longer want to play with people.  I hit a dungeon and a lot of time will ignore my chat for the duration.  I have run them all, so…Why not?  I find myself having more enjoyable conversations with the new players.

Point 2:  Outside of Dungeons
The world is beautiful, and yet…Nobody is out there.  I would love if there were more things to do outside of the dungeons and if the rewards made being outside of dungeons from time to time more beneficial.  Instead we see fate spammers in Coerthas, who join together to rack up experience.  Other than that (and ATMA Farming), there is not much to be done outside.  I would love to see more things happen outside of the dungeons that are rewarding players with loot or lots of experience.

Point 3:  Economy
There is not much incentive to purchase armors in the game.  Most of the armor drops that you get from dungeons aren’t purchasable anyway, and even so…It’s probably easier to simply do it yourself anyway.  I wish there was a more open economy.  I wish more items were available to be sold and I wish that those items made a larger impact on the game.  I don’t think I have ever made a huge profit off of selling.  This is something that I may work with in the future, but right now it seems like the bots control the economic infrustructure of the game, and that’s not helping.

Point 4:  Changing Character Details
Square…Dear Square please.  I wish they would make Fantasia craftable or purchaseable.  This would be a blessing.  If I want to change my appearance every day, why not.  Shouldn’t that be my choice.  Shouldn’t those options belong to the player.

Point 5:  PVP
Yes, we have all heard this before.  What are our PVP options?  Square has promised a number of updates focused on our PVP options but there isn’t much going for PVP right now.  I want to see a massive battle with multiple players.  I want Chaos.  I want some form of free battle PVP.  Like you see in Deathmatches.  All vs. All.  Let party’s form their own groups.  Let it be open and free.

I want to see Final Fantasy XIV become a better game.  The basic game itself is amazing and offers quite a bit already.  But now the game is entering it’s first year, and the players who have been playing since the beginning need a little bit more to look forward to.  Something feasable.  Sellable ATMA would be a good start in my opinion.  But all the same a type of free market, or mini game to add to what we have would be a perfect addition.  Final Fantasy XIV needs more than it has currently, and based on posts from Reddit and other social media sites…Players are  getting bored.




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