The Gamer Parent

I’m a gamer. There’s no doubt about that. But I have kids. You know what that means? That means I balance time between work, family, and games(Plus this blog). This isn’t easy. But there is a good way to do this and a proper way to balance it.

Tip 1: Wait for the kids to go to bed. This is probably one of the most effective ways to balance the time. This way, you get time to yourself and you don’t have to worry about getting interupted.

Tip 2: Spend time with the kids and your spouse(if you aren’t single). This is important. If you are consistently spending time with your family, and helping out around the house the likely hood of them having an issue with you playing is likely to be reduced. I highly encourage this.

Tip 3: Fairness. Do I need to explain? So there was a point in my life were I would play games all day and most of the night. I wouldn’t stop and would rarely lift a finger to help someone with something becuase I was always in the middle of something. But it should be fair. Your spouse, or whoever is watching the kid needs a chance to relax and have time to themselves. Parenting is not a one way thing if your married, and shouldn’t be that way.

Tip 4: If you are going to play while watching your kid…Play something you can pause or is low impact and won’t be affected by constraints. AKA Crafting if your playing an MMO.

This is my current list of tips for being a parent and gaming. If you have other tips to share please comment below. Thanks for reading, have a nice day guys.


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