Dark Knight: Arkham Origins, First Impressions: The First 3 hours

PC Version of Arkham Origins

Arkham Origins starts out early in Batmans career. But in comparison to Arkham City, and Arkham Asylum this makes Batman no less brutal. In fact, while playing Batman Arkham Origins I couldn’t help but notice the level of brutality of Batman. I hadn’t noticed this same level of brutality in the previous batman games. While your playing as Batman you almost feel bad for the criminals. Batman is cruel! That was my first impression of the first couple of hours of the content. I could hear the sounds of skulls crunching, and spines snapping as batman heartlessly beat the metaphoric crap out of the bad guys. There is also a true sense of fear towards “The Bat” in this games that brings me back to the original batman movie. No, not the goofy one from the 70’s and 80’s. But the first dark batman movie. Yes, this game lives up to it’s expectations up to the first three hours. Facing Slade for the first time and getting my ass handed to me felt good. The enemy was challenging, and more than a match for batman. So far I feel that the moves could have been drawn up a little better in these fights. I find myself repeating the same moves over and over again. Plus, I couldn’t help but notice a couple of simple glitches. For example, getting stuck on a chimney while trying to grapple to another building. It was humorous, but things like this make the game more difficult in life threatening situations. Like maybe while I’m hauling ass because someone is shooting it. Moments like this are far more difficult because of these types of glitches.

These are my first impressions of Arkham Origins. I will be detailing the title further more at a later time.


2 thoughts on “Dark Knight: Arkham Origins, First Impressions: The First 3 hours”

  1. I enjoyed Arkham City, but have noticed the trend toward brutality that you mentioned. Batman is a character that is constantly balancing his desire for revenge with his respect of law and order.

    That’s why I love Lego Batman!


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