Healthy Clean Habits For the Family Gamer

So your sitting at your computer or couch with chips on your chest.  You smell like BO, and you finally decide it’s time to clean up.  In fact, maybe you haven’t cleaned the house in weeks.  Some of this is cliche.  Not all gamers have issues with taking care of themselves or keeping their habitat clean.  However, here are a couple of ideas to help with that.

1.  Set a Date and Time to do your cleaning

So lets say you get home from work every day and you don’t feel like doing dishes, or cleaning your bedroom, or etc.  Take a sticky note, piece of paper and put it up against your monitor or tv screen.  Make a note that you are going to take care of your own housekeeping at a certain time.  Stick too it.  Make sure you clean at least 2 times a week.  This should help with that clutter immensely.

2.  Rinse off your dishes

Remember those days when your mother, or significant other would come up to you and say.  “Please don’t forget to rinse out your dishes”  This is something that I have heard for years.  But the truth is that if you regularly rinse off your dishes you will avoid that funky residue smell and you are going to have an easier time cleaning when it comes time.

2.  Clean Regularly

So while your waiting to enter a dungeon or waiting for your friends to come on.  Why not take the time and clean up?  It only makes sense that you do it while your waiting.  So take the time, clean that room, take a quick shower (Especially if there is a long way to go).


The point of this is not to say that all gamers are slobs.  The truth is that there are certainly clean people, lazy people and people who just don’t care.  But if you need to clean, and it is good to clean.  Than clean and take care of business while you still have the chance to do it, and while it’s not out of control.  It’s just a good idea.



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