Patch 2.2 Is Here!

Patch 2.2 is finally here!  What do we think about it?  We are stoked, and can’t wait to dig into all of the new content.  I had a few moments this morning to mess around with some of the content before rushing off to the office.  That hour or so was amazing.  I can’t say too much for the content at the moment but I will say this.  The improvements make sense.  But why shouldn’t they make sense.  Now the other two tribes have beast tribe quests.  This means that we can begin earning those fancy new mounts, and earn supplies. Venture tokens are earned through those quests as well as Allagan Tombstones of Mythology.  This greatly increased my interest in the Beast Tribe quests.  Before this they seemed more like empty ventures.  Now I can happily say that I am more than interested in pursuing them and all of their content.

If you haven’t been following this far let me explain ventures.  Ventures are undertaken by your seller, or … Person who helps you sell things.  Either way, ventures are quests for them.  They will run errands into the battlefield to drag you back supplies.  All of this in exchange for a few tokens.  This will save everyone some time and money.  Now I don’t have to go out there and hunt for hides…Unless I wanted to.

A few moments into logging in I unlocked a couple of the new dungeons.  I haven’t had the opportunity to play them but you can guaruntee that I will take every opportunity once I’m home this afternoon.

But that’s not all.  Weapons are now available up to I Level 110.  That’s right!  Difficulty and item level got increased.  If you have an questions about what was added don’t forget to check the FFXIV Lodestone.



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