Pig Face, Chicken man, Hitman Gorefest

Hotline Miami has driven me the point of insanity. Neone lights, flashing burst of light as I smack that guy in the head with a bat.  I pick up a shotgun, kick down the door and shoot a thug in the face.  I clear out the building, cops are heading my way.  I knock a few of them out, head downstairs, out the front door and into my car.  I’m safe to play another day.



This detail a common level in “Hotline Miami” This is the kind of stuff you will experience while you are clearing things out.  Doing your job as a hitman.  The games story is almost non existent.  However, I quickly realized that you really don’t need the story to play this title.  You could have done well enough without it.  It is however a nice touch for players who enjoy knowing exactly what the hell is going on.  That is…If you can understand the story to begin with.  The story starts as you are trained in the way of killing.  Door slams, hand to hand, and the ever popular shoot Em’ in the face method.  Shortly afterward you are met by three individuals who are wearing masks.  They basically task you to do some work for them.  You of course, are all too happy to accept the tasks.  From there you are set out on missions to hunt down and kill individuals occupying building.


The gameplay is difficult and I don’t mean regularly difficult.  You have to not only move fast but make those moves count.  You will find yourself hugging walls, Pushing down doors, coordinating your next move.  There are no cheats in this game, no leveling up.  If you fail, you fail.  Start over from the beginning of that level.  Sound fun?  It is!  But the gore fest is amazing and you will enjoy every minute of it once you get used to controling your character.  You even get to choose your own mask, and each mask can grant a different ability.  This to me is a nice added feature to the content.


However, the game does have a couple of lacking points.  I would have liked to see an multiplayer option.  Particularly a co op mode with integrated voice chat options.  I believe that it would have been nice to work together as a team to kill a whole room.  That just seems natural too me.  Who wants to stand alone.  Why not fail as a team.  If one of you dies your both on your own and the dead player can come back as a ghost to tag along with the other one.  I can see something like this implemented in the future.  A level creation mode would have also been a nice feature especially if said level could be used in those same co op matches.

The responsiveness from time to time is a little bit slow, and this does kill my play time from time to time.  It can be slightly frustrating but is minimally impacting.

All in all.  I highly recommend this game to anyone who would enjoy a bit of a gore fest.


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