Don’t Forget The Family

This is directed towards all of those with family’s that have this addiction called “Gaming”. Lets face it, for those gamers out there we all do it. We have trouble not playing when the opportunity strikes us. We have a passion for games, art and music. Hey, games are art. It’s a combination of acting, pictures, music. No different from a movie other than the simple fact that we control the choices and exact actions our character make.

But we still have to take the time to remember that we have family. Whether this is our parents, wives, children, grandparents, or even friends. We need to remember to spend time with them as well. They need our attention just as much as we need their. Physical interaction with others not only lets them know that we love them, but lets them know that we know they love us back. I’m not a psychologist but I have experienced a lot firsthand that could have been prevented had I set aside some time to spend with my family.

Here are some tips that I came up with:

#1 If you are planning on doing a raid, or a dungeon let your family know that you will be running a dungeon at this time on this night and you can’t pause, or be interupted. Make sure that they are ok with this, and they understand that this time is yours.

#2 If you are with family in conversation, or watching a child while gaming. Don’t start dungeons or raids. Try to play a game that you can pause, and avoid online play during these moments. You want to make sure your family knows you can interact with them immediately if the need arrises.

#3 Side asside some family time throughout the week. Maybe 1-2 nights a week that you will not play games and will spend with them. Plan on watching a movie with them. Make some popcorn, drip some butter on it and sit on the couch with them and enjoy a good time with a movie (Even though we know you’ll be thinking about running that dungeon the whole time).

#4 Be considerate of others. I think this is the most important thing. If your games are getting in the way of others, and disturbing their daily norm than they should be there. It’s alright to play your games on the TV, I think that’s fine. But when you take your computer and post it in the middle of the front room and expect everyone to walk around you that goes a bit far. Not only does this interupt the family room, it just seems rather rude.

#5 If your married with Children please give your wife a break. My wife spends most of the day at home watching our little ones. When I come home I’m exhausted. My wife understand that I’m tired and that I need a little break when I get home. But this does not mean that I should just jump on my games and start my dungeons. She needs a break too, and shouldn’t you spend time with your kids anyway. So don’t refrain from letting her take a shower, and relax for a little bit while you spend time with the kids. Plus, she will probably be more receptive to letting you have your own time.

#6 Make sure she knows you still love her. She is the love of your life right? Show her that. Still make the effort to take her out from time to time. Maybe you can make dinner this time. These things are very important and will help with strengthening the relationship.

These are the six tips that I like to use in my own life. I’m not always the master at applying them, however I do my best. My family knows this. If your having trouble please feel free to drop a comment. It’s good to see what others have done as well.


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