What do I think about “Peter Molyneux Hates Free To Play”?

After reading over an article recently posted via “The Escapist”. According to the article Peter Molyneux hates free to play.  Everyone has their own “Point of view” on “F2P” or “Free to Play” gaming.  “We cannot continue to be obsessively greedy with our consumers, grooming children for hundreds of pounds from their parents’ accounts” Peter said.  I couldn’t agree more.  While there are games out there have developed a system in the F2P area that are successful in treating the gaming community to a fair and worthwhile endeavor.  I can’t help but recall the numerous number of games that I myself have come across that seem to be solely geared towards emptying my pockets.  I can’t help but agree with Peter here.   We need something different.  We need something that does not temporarily reward players when they purchase items on a cash shop.  Players need to know that their reward for purchases are worth while.

On the Europe side there is a strong push for advertisements to for games to show their fees and costs for their cash shop items and additional transaction costs upfront.  This push towards free to play and a deeper integration could be damaging our in flow of new gamer.  It can, put a bad taste in their mouths.  Granted I myself have had bad experiences with F2P.  I’m not about to name any games, but the 300 hours played into said game feels regretful now.  It was not worth all that time.  Of course, this kind of thing could happen with any game.  I can strongly relate to these feelings and how it feels to be cheated by a game that advertises more that it offers.

Please leave your comments below.  I would like to hear what others have to say on the matter.

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