First Post, What’s your favorite game of ALL TIME?

Since the dawn of games we have had one simple request.  “Make it better” From Atari 2600, to Famicom, to the next gen advancement.  We are “Always” looking for something better.  What is the next step for gaming?  Next Gen?  So to celebrate going into the next era of gaming and in celebration of my first post here I want to ask one simple question.  What’s your favorite game of all time?

Too much to ask…?

So I think I’m going to go first and tell you about my favorite game of all time.  In truth my favorite game is always changing and just like the time, so do my interests.  At this moment I find myself obsessed with Final Fantasy XIV:  A Realm Reborn.  So far I have clocked in a solid 64 hours on Steam, and at least 60 before being released onto Steam.  But the question remains…What do I love about this game?

The Story:

The story was the first thing that drew me too the game.  Unlike other MMORPG’s that I had played through in the past it told a fantastic and epic tale. The old tale about the forces of light and dark battling centered around the threat of a great war.  The Garleans have withdrawn their invasion to recouperate after “The Calamity” that took place in the original Final Fantasy XIV.  The story continues on and on and on and so long as I continue to read the dialogue I continue to find myself completely drawn into the world of Final Fantasy.


It leads the game with a strong gameplay that requires strategy and well positioning yourself to best suit your party or yourself while soloing.  Fights are interactive requiring you to dodge attacks, and move to assist players.  Roles are specific.  Your tanks, healers, and DPS (Damage Per Second) are defined to make the dungeons/boss’s easier to defeat, and encourages teamwork.  Plus, there is a near endless number of things to do in the game if you open yourself up to those things.  Character creation is specific to your preferences allowing you to develope your character however you see fit.  My favorite is the way the game handles different classes.  You are able to select multiple classes on ONE MAIN CHARACTER.  For me this meant a lot.  That means I don’t have to switch to another character to play as my tank, or healer.  I can do it all on one and can do so on the fly.  This is an achievement and I think it’s a very important achievement.


Final Fantasy RR: A Realm Reborn is about to receive patch 2.2.  A trailer has been released recently going over some of the new features and the New Boss: Leviathan.  I know that the Final Fantasy community is excited about this new release as much as I am.  I can’t wait to see all of the new content being added to the game.

So now that I have exhausted a lot of word choice I want to hear what everyone else feels is their favorite game.  Either of all time or at the moment.  What is your favorite game?  Share it!

For more information on FFXIV: ARR follow this link.


2 thoughts on “First Post, What’s your favorite game of ALL TIME?”

  1. There are so many games that I love. My first instinct is to say Halo or Assassin’s Creed. Two of my very favorites. Obviously I love console games. But when I really think about it, I would have to say that I love the Half-Life games the most. I just love the storyline and the world. It’s creepy yet fascinating. I haven’t played them in a long time but I know that if I let myself, I would get sucked back in and wouldn’t want to stop playing.


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